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Note: Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.
Know more about me

Hello, I'm Othmane

I am a Full-stack developer and UI/UX Designer, During this time I have worked on all layers of codes from the database to UI. I have also been involved in all stages of a product life cycle from conceptualization and design and up to deployment in production and support.

My Specialist


I’m constantly grateful that I work in the tech and creative industries.
Front-End Development

I use the latest trends technologies including Javascript Frameworks such as React, Next.js, Vue, Nuxt.js, Ember.js

Back-End Developement

I work with a high-level stacks and frameworks, build Restful API’s, complex Business logics, graphQl API’s

Web Development

I develop websites and E-commerce solutions using stacks with the help of CMS (WordPress, OctoberCMS) or the Headless CMS’s such as Strapi, Sanity, Wordrpess Headless with Next.js or Nuxt.js.

Cross-Platform Development

I build Android and IOS mobile apps with the highest Level cross-platform technologies using React Native/Expo

UI/UX Design

I craft creative and impactful designs that follows the latest trends using Adobe XD, Figma and User research methods that help understand the user needs.


Always see the missing puzzle in every project s the Branding, that why I am always working with my clients to make impactful brands and visual Identities.


I’m grateful to have worked with a variety of startups and established businesses,
as well as lovely teams and helpful entrepreneurs.
2021 - Present
Owner at Buneen Coffee
• Buneen is afranchise of cofee brand focused on ofering premium beans,it’s vision is to expand the franchise and be recognized throughout Morocco.
2022 - Present (Full-time)
Senior Full Stack Developer at Revpanda

• Revpanda are dedicated digital marketing enthusiasts that accept your mission as our mission. From our up-to-date SEO support to cutting-edge development services, we provide our customers with everything they need for dominating their industry.

2021 - 2022 (Contract)
Front-End Developer at Walt.id

• consulting in the front-end and UX for the company.
• Built the frontend parts of the web3 based application with Vue.js using his SSR framework Nuxt.js.

2020 - 2021 (Mission)
Full-Stack Developer at B'Seha

• Building a high-level website using MERN stack with Next.js
• Developing the mobile application using React Native, Node.js for server-side with graphQL and Postgres as Database

2020 - Present (Freelance)
Full Stack Consultant at e360tv

• Consulting for e360tv on the technical side
• Built saas to recurring payment subscription of clients using MERN stack
• Built a high-level web-based platform that serves analytics to the network clients using MERN in Next.js

2022 - Present
Partner at Stillup

2020 (Full-time)
Full Stack Developer at ENIA

• Consulting for the clients of the agency.
• Built websites for agency clients
• Build a web-based application for car rental using MERN stack

2020-Present (Freelance)
Full Stack Consultant at Tiwara

• Consulting for the clients of the agency.
• Built +30 website for a high-level startup and west African local businesses.
• Built a news portal that serves 25K visitors using organic trafic.
• Design User experiences that grow the usablility by x3.

2020 (Mission)
React Native Developer at Alyawmy

• Built a mobile app that served more than 25K of users using React Native and Node.js as server-side
• Make the app open to reselling on Envato
• Setup the app for local news agencies and serve more than 100K users

2020 (Mission)
Full Stack Developer at Afrographsite

• Built b2b services web-based platform with MERN stack
• Consulting about scalability strategy for the technical side

2019 (Mission)
UX Tester at Sitejet

• Testing the User experience of the platform
• Making a rapport about the UX part

2017-2019 (Full-time)
Full Stack Developer at IEMO Originals

• Built a local Web-based CRM to manage stocks using React/Django
• Built website for the agency clients
• consulting about tech stacks for hybrid mobile apps

What Clients Say

Take a look at what some of my great clients have to say about the work I’ve done for them.
It was a complicated project but Othmane did an amazing job! Highly recommended.
Aarons Heimes
Othmane is a professional webdesigner who helped me trough many projects.
Josiane Gnangnon
Did a great job. Even though I requested changes, they were very understanding
Yoel Sevi

the mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.