How to extend GraphQL Registration in Strapi?

Hello Everyone,

This is a small blog about something related to Strapi exactly in the powerful part of this CMS is the GraphQL, I was working on a mobile app built with react native and we using Strapi as backend but I stuck on the registration part with GraphQL because we have some extended information, not just the default ones

{ username: "username", email: "email", password: "password" })

But we have a full name, phone, birthday, and address as mandatory to be the user registered in our platform.

So how can I solve this problem? to add more inputs to my GraphQL mutation because without it we will need to add this info after the registration or with a relation input inside the backend.

So let’s extend our schema

First go to “./extensions/users-permissions/config/”

Create a file “schema.graphql.js” //if you don’t have it

Then make a module that defines your new schema to extend the user permissions input

module.exports = { 
         definition: ` extend input UsersPermissionsRegisterInput { 
                        fullName: String!,
                        …. //write more input’s
         } `, 
         type: {}, 
         resolver: {},

So after you restart your server you can post a new GraphQL mutation to register a new user with extended information

//Exemple for a mutation 

mutation {
  register(input: { 
              fullName: “fullName”
              username: "username", 
              email: "email", 
              password: "password" }) {
    user {

Thank you for watch and I hope you share it with your friends.

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