What’s New In Next.js 13?

Next.js is a popular JavaScript framework for building server-rendered and statically generated web applications. Next.js 13 was released in October 2021 and includes several new features and improvements.

Some of the notable new features in Next.js 13 include:

  • Improved build performance: Next.js 13 includes a new build system that significantly improves build performance, especially for large projects.
  • Improved error handling: Next.js 13 introduces a new error handling system that makes it easier to debug and fix errors in your application.
  • Automatic static optimization: Next.js 13 now automatically optimizes pages for static rendering, which can improve the performance of your application.
  • Improved TypeScript support: Next.js 13 includes improved support for TypeScript, including better type checking and type inference.
  • Improved production performance: Next.js 13 includes several improvements that can help improve the performance of your application in production, including the ability to use granular data loading and the ability to customize the serverless runtime.
  • Improved developer experience: Next.js 13 includes several improvements that can make it easier for developers to work with the framework, including a new configuration API and a new runtime environment.

Overall, Next.js 13 is a significant update that includes a number of new features and improvements that can help developers build better web applications with Next.js.

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